Our Learning Community

We provide a flowing environment that connects our indoors to the outdoor areas extending learning through space.


Living Spaces

We welcome our students every day from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM


Indoor Spaces


Outdoor Spaces

Where our children explore the outdoor world – one adventure at a time.

Inspired by nature and forests, we have designed our outdoor space with great attention to detail.

At Handprint Early Childhood Center, being outdoors is vital to a child’s well-being and development. It teaches them healthy habits early on. Therefore, we take our outdoor activities very seriously and ensure our children spend a good part of their day interacting with nature.

Outdoors there is the freedom to explore, use all five senses, and be physically active. In addition, the children have the support of attentive and engaged adults who are enthusiastic about the outdoors and understand its importance in learning.

The Greenhouse

Other than gardening basics, the greenhouse is a space that can come alive with hands-on learning. Children get the chance to learn empathy by caring for another living species and experience the joy of doing so.

The Mud Kitchen

Our Mud Kitchen is an added value to our center. Children love to be involved in a mess. Play, mud, and water is an environment that encourages verbal expression and boosts self-confidence.

The Sandpit

There are no rules or guidelines when playing with sand. Children’s senses are entirely engaged through digging, sifting, spilling…Their imaginations can run wild, offering endless opportunities for fun and learning.

The Forest

What can be better than playing with objects that are found in nature rather than commercial toys?
Spending time in a natural environment positively affects every area of the child’s brain and development. Handprint’s little forest space will ensure a generation of adults who care about the wealth of the environment and engage in sustainability at an early age.

The Track

On the track, children are active; whether riding bikes or scooters or simply exploring the area, they build confidence and engage in control and coordination.

The Playground

When children come together in a playground, they learn the most. Simple joy and happiness come from free play, social interaction, and mental and physical engagement through play.

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We offer extra-curricular activities that cater to all our children’s interests, in addition to three camps per year spring, summer, and winter.

Partnership With Parents

At Handprint Early Childhood Center, we strongly believe in the power of partnership with parents. Parental involvement extends teaching outside the center creating a positive experience for the child outside their learning environment and encouraging them to perform better on all levels. Throughout the academic year, parents will be invited to attend various events, participate with their kids in activities, and attend numerous workshops.

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